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Half Full or Mostly Empty

Updated: May 20, 2021

So how do you describe a glass of milk?

Your answer may surprise you and perhaps you've heard this about is it half full or is half empty... I believe your answer will partly help by telling your internal and maybe hidden attitude! As a pilot we often say that the attitude determines our altitude.

Revealing the good intentions and bright outlook with words such as "its still 1/2 full" or we've got "plenty for now" shows hope of improvement for your future.

Just pause and consider how you look at the glass of milk, what about the wallet, check book or bank account, even your vehicles tank of gas. What you focus on every day determines where you move in life. Are you looking for and thinking about the Good and going up or just blinded by the place where you are currently... does the lack look too big?.

May I suggest you begin looking for the good where it seems only bad exist. Perhaps if you look toward the better job or the more comfortable couch or even the fuller bank account... you'll soon find your focus is redirecting your attitude; and, that my friend, the better attitude, will help make you more money. ONLY YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR THOUGHTS!!

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